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Position their brands in customers' minds

for Market Dominance and Profitable Growth.

Brand Development & Building Experience:
A Few Highlights

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More than 25 years of Consulting & In-House Experience 
utilizing Positioning Theory to serve & drive
major Global & Local Brands like those above.

In Their Own Words

I worked with Meltem when I was on the Board of Evyap and Meltem was heading International Marketing.

She did an excellent job especially on Duru. She found a brand which was very fragmented, had no consistent positioning across variants and products, no consistent look and feel — and, despite starting from a very complex situation, she was able to find a way forward which truly created a brand. It’s one thing to create a brand from scratch — difficult in itself. It’s actually much harder to take a highly fragmented and inconsistent brand and create a brand from that. This all required Meltem to leverage her long experience on brands, her creativity in being able to map a way forward and her leadership to make it happen. It all happened in a short period of time. Meltem did similar work on other brands — with similar results.

She was always very good to deal with — had clear opinions, expressed her point of view well, was a good listener and was able to take multiple inputs and reflect them well.

Chris Warmoth
Executive Vice President at Carlsberg Group

Our Unique Contribution, Team & Tools

We help you Unearth your Unique Contribution, Own your Difference and Stand Out in the Mind
in order to 
Dominate Your Market and Grow Profitably.

A Focused Positioning Strategy is the Keystone to this end.
The Positioning Theory and the principles and rules surrounding it are Timeless

as they are based on science: the Science of how the MIND works. 
Learning these rules of Marketing is easy. However it takes skill & experience to apply them to each case.

That's where we come in to help.

Our Unique Contribution*

Our Unique Contribution is helping brands Unearth their own Unique Contribution, Own their Difference and Stand Out in the Mind by developing

A Focused Positioning Strategy:

the number 1 pre-requisite to ensure

market dominance and profitable growth.

*Unique Contribution: A Unique, Consistent Difference that Cannot  be Copied, 

at least in THE MIND.

Al Ries

Laura Ries

Meltem Heper

The Team

Pioneering Team with more than 25 years of Global & Local Expertise

Meltem Heper is Founder of

RIES Turkey & The Middle East as a

Global Partner of Al & Laura Ries,

The Positioning Pioneers.

Timeless Principles, Model & Tools

Based on Science:
The Science of how the Human Mind Works

Revolutionized Marketing close to half a century ago. Ever more crucial for Survival in the 21st Century.

Our Services:
A Proven System 

for High Market Shares and Profits

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